I am the core designer and the main founder of the Turin's Finest clothing line. I design the templates and the graphic that goes on the t-shirts. Below you can find some of the most recent t shirt graphics along with the images of the website display. For more info please visit: www.turinsfinest.com 
Co-Parters: Martina Beda, Jose Garcia McCausland and Giuseppe Bognanni.

          Turin's Finest is a project for a social media account on Instagram and Twitter. I started this t-shirt brand on my own in October of 2019. Later that year two other collaborators joined in. This project is about the city of Turin, Italy and Juventus's finest players.  We have an online store that sells graphic t-shirts with trendy content, one of them being IntrMerda. Below there's some examples of the t-shirt.
          As the founder of Turin's Finest, I designed the logo of this project. Because I love typography, I designed this logo with an asymmetrical style of the letter "T," being significantly larger than the "F." I am a huge fan of typography, designing with type is one of my favorite things about graphic design. The "TF" logo is designed with specific geometrical guides and measures, as shown below. This logo expresses a dynamic visual as the edges of the letter "F" are sliced.
Typeface: Abolition
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