What is a Branding? 
            Branding is the most important element that sets up a professional company standing out in their market. Branding is the visual statement a company is trying to represent. The connection between one’s company and its customers or audience. A brand is what the customer says it is, not what the company says it is. In other words, a brand is what a company is known for and what it delivers. With several years of experience, I am here to help small businesses achieve their goals and reach higher successful landmarks. As a graphic designer, I am a problem solver, therefore I find solutions for better and simplified user experiences with modern design elements.

The Branding Package

          The brand package directs for proper use of the brand. With complete understanding of one company’s goal to success, I promise to deliver advanced and modern style branding.

- Brand Consultation
- Brand Naming
- Logo
- Tagline
- Color
- Typography
- In house Photography services for Marketing & Advertising
- Use of logos, taglines and fonts
- Brand Deliverables (Stationary, Products, Packaging and more)
- Brand direction
Brand Identity

          The brand identity is important to a company in how it appears in the market. Targeting the right audience and identifying the deliverables of the company. Doing so, this gives clear identity to the company by giving: 

- Brand Naming 
- Branded Logo
- Branded Tagline
The Process 

            Weekly check-ins to incorporate proper and professional revisions with the client. Detailed consultation, taking deep dives into one’s company demographics, expectations, long term goals, targeted audience and more. With great understanding of these details, comes great responsibility of delivering the finest work to the brand.  
“The more details, the better.”
Why is Re-branding important in the modern age?

            With today’s technology, modern branding is important because it allows one’s company to stay up to-date with the latest and greatest design trends. The trends are set for a great reason, and that is to attract attention towards the next big thing. Rebranding allows businesses and companies to hold their niche and expand their horizon with their audience. Depending on the company’s needs and wants, rebranding will perhaps help reach out to a new and larger audience. I am here to help you maintain your identity and will successfully deliver the new and visually enhanced brand that your audience can easily connect and appreciate. Rebranding with the right design elements and strategies can provide more opportunities in one’s company path to success.
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